So here I was, 26 going on 27, published in a major publication dispensing financial advice but with no real idea on how my finances looked like.

Well I had an idea, I knew the situation was bad to say the least! However having a general idea does not translate into real knowledge. So I decided that the situation must be dealt with.

Now like most people I used to assumed that to fix my finances I had to gain something, say a better pay check, my business needed to make more profits , an inheritance and if you are so inclined perhaps a husband😅. While all those may have their place the main thing in fixing the mess is not to gain anything but rather to loose or let go of something. FEAR!!

Finances are scary. Sitting down and calculating your net worth is scary, going into a financial institution to get a loan, try to invest or even attending a financial seminar can fill many of us with dread, between the jargon and unsmilling people it can leave one overwhelmed!.

However hiding your head in the sand like an ostrich will not help either, you can only grow and change the mistakes you have made by confronting them head on. So let go of the fear and let’s face our finances together.

Step 1. Know your worth.

So the simplest first step is to find out your net worth. Its a simple calculation really.


Assets will be anything that you own that is generating an income, has the potential to generate an income or with a resale value of more than what you initially paid for it.

A few examples will be shares(ha ha ha) land, business property and such  things.

The car that will get you less than what you paid for it? Sadly not an asset.

Now your liabillities are your debts simply put, property that will cost you money. That car loan, clothing account debt, student loans e.t.c

Now the difference between your assets and liabilities is your net worth! Mine is currently at a negative so if yours is too, its okay. If its positive yaaaii!! But the aim is to make it better!

Now that you know your net worth you know what you are dealing with and most importantly you have faced your fears so you are well on your way to financial freedom. CONGRATULATIONS!!

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